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Online Therapy Transition Consultancy

For more information or to ask any further questions about how I can assist you with your transition online, please feel free to write at:

I usually suggest that we meet online for a chat to discuss your supervision needs and see if there is a fit.

Consultation for Transitioning to Online Practice

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed nearly all therapists to rush to transitioning online, as the only way to continue supporting their clients in a lock-down context. Some had already started expanding their in-person practice to online, for example to provide continuity of care to their mobile clients, or adapt to their own mobility, or to broaden the outreach of their practice to a more diverse population.


You may be like most therapists, without previous experience or training in working online, but you do not want to risk a therapeutic rupture during the transition to online therapy. I have been working with clients online for almost a decade, and researching and writing about this topic. I can help you with this critical transition so you minimize the likelihood that clients will drop out of treatment, and maximize your efficacy working online.


Like any other transition, this one can involve some bumps on the way, but having the appropriate, online-informed consultancy in place, can make it smoother and safer for your clients.


Exploring the online medium within a safe peer relationship, especially if it is new for you, will help you get more confident in using it with your clients.


My consultation stance parallels my therapeutic stance, which integrates a relational modality with the kind of humanistic existential approach to therapy championed by Dr Irvin Yalom.


My own experience of engaging in supervision with peers who are passionate about the same topics has been a source of increased professional efficiency, but also joy and inspiration. I would be pleased to share this expertise and joy with fellow therapists that can make the most of it.

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