About My Fee


I don’t accept to be paid by a different party than my client (such as health insurance or a relative).


I have two weekly 50 mn slots for those who can not afford a therapy without a special discounted rate.


Any session must be paid in advance (via Stripe or bank transfer). I usually meet with my clients once per week.


For more information or to ask any further questions, please feel free to write to me at: expatstherapy@gmail.com.

Online Psychotherapy


In addition to my practice currently based in Paris, I work by Skype. Since many prospective clients are in time zones different from mine (CET), I do my best to accommodate different schedules, though my evening hours are very limited.

I do not work by phone or email. In my experience, the visual contact made possible by Skype video is necessary for work with new clients and allows us to get a “feel” for one another.


If you’re considering online counselling with me, I can have a look on my Blog.

Some of the posts are especially dedicated to my online practice. They will give you an idea about who I am and how I work.


Though you are free to consult with me for as many sessions as you like, I believe that several weeks or even a few months is too little time for us to make any real difference in how you are experiencing life. I was trained as an integrative psychotherapist, and the kind of change I work for with my clients usually takes time.


I usually don’t give advice. What I will do is be fully present for you and will listen carefully and try to tell you what I hear you saying that you might not have heard for yourself — the unconscious part of your communication. I will also be inviting you to bring your dreams to our sessions in order to help you to bring some of your unconscious processes into your awareness.

Working from a relational perspective, I will sometimes invite you to reflect on what goes on between you and me as a kind of model of how you are in a relationship with others. People tend to bring their characteristic styles of relating into this therapeutic relationship; understanding the ways you interact in therapy often provides insight into your relationships in the "outside world" as well.

I don’t treat particular symptoms, nor will I focus exclusively on one aspect of your issues. You are a complex person, and we cannot isolate parts of you from that whole if we’re truly going to understand your pain. If I’m doing my job well, you will find that I often address something completely different from what you expected.

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If you are in immediate distress or you feel suicidal and are in the UK then please visit the Samaritans.

In other countries, please contact Befrienders International

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