In Which Case

Psychotherapy can be helpful to people, whether they are facing the very ordinary but demanding problems of adult life or the extraordinary difficulties of dealing with catastrophic loss, grief, illness and trauma.

I help a lot with:


  • Adult ‘Third Culture Kids’

  • People in front of existential life choices: marital life, advanced studies, expatriation

  • Mixed couples (multicultural, multiracial)

  • Parents who bring up ‘intercultural’ children



Other areas in which I often help:


  • Self-image and identity issues

  • Family relationship issues

  • Challenging life changes: birth, death, divorce, move of house or relocation

  • General anxieties, Panick Attacks, and phobias

  • Loss e.g. relationship, employment, health etc

  • Stress and mild post traumatic stress

  • Coping with injury or illness

  • Lack of direction, alienation, existential problems

  • Moving on from substance-dependant lifestyles

  • Pathological bereavement

  • Resolving dilemmas


(Please note, this is not an exhaustive list)

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If you are in immediate distress or you feel suicidal and are in the UK then please visit the Samaritans.

In other countries, please contact Befrienders International

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