Mixed Couples Therapy



The choice of the common language is rather straightforward for the homogenous couples, where both partners use their mother tongue to communicate with each other. For a mixed couple this is a more complex set up.


As I practice in English, French, Italian and Russian, it helps me to understand better each partner, and to deepen our dialogue. I usually suggest one individual session for each partner after the initial common sessions.


Making a better sense of how the common language can bring us closer or drive us apart opens ways to a better relationship.


Why couples counseling online?


Having to find the time in two busy diaries for a couple session is often complicated, and avoiding the commuting time makes it more practical, as you can chose where to connect from.


You can read further about my online practice here


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and also in Russian here (for “La Pensée Russe”, issue Oct. 2015).

I offer couples counseling for mixed couples online and in Paris.


My personal experience of a multicultural family makes me particularly interested and sensitive to the relational dynamics of mixed couples.

How are mixed backgrounds impacting the way you communicate with your partner? What makes your uniquely blended couple so special?

Raising awareness around the richness of your respective cultural backgrounds may help to improve your communication, and to negotiate a better life together.

Areas of a couple’s life I can help with:


  • Communication


  • Dealing with the consequences of an affair


  • Conflict resolution


  • Premarital counseling


  • Relationship with in-Laws


  • Separation and Divorce


  • Intimacy Issues


  • Parenting counseling (especially for mixed couples and couples in the middle of a crisis or a divorce)


(Please note, this is not an exhaustive list)

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